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Easylife4u.ie is the website for Ken Roche Financial Services Ltd to allow you to purchase your life assurance at the cheapest market rates. We deal with all the major life assurance providers in Ireland and we guarantee the cheapest market price when you quote with us.

Life Insurance Wexford

Income Protection

Income protection insurance is a very useful and helpful coverage to have. It can provide peace of mind. When illness, injury or disability leave you unable to work, you need the financial security of knowing that your income can be replaced,

Payment Protection Wexford

Payment Protection

Payment protection insurance takes over when circumstances prevent you from paying your mortgage. If you were out of work due to sickness, accident or were made unemployed, how would you pay your mortgage? Having the security of knowing your mortgage loan

Mortgage Insurance

Your mortgage protection life insurance will help to pay off your mortgage if you die. This means that your family will not be left with the substantial financial burden of paying off the mortgage themselves. In addition mortgage protection life