Claims Breakdown in 2018 is Revealing for Women

75% of Specified Illness claims paid to women were cancer related with Irish Life whilst 81% of Specified Illness claims to Zurich life for women were cancer related.

There’s a worrying trend for younger women as 20% of Specified Illness claims are for women under 40 whilst 35% are for women 51-60 and a further 35% from 41-50.

Cancer is now the Number One cause for claims whether for Specified Serious Illness or death. Irish Life paid out €127.8 million or 41% of claims to policyholders still living last year whilst Zurich Life paid out €23.7 million. Cancer claims are increasing in younger women and 50% of all female cancer claims related to breast cancer.

It is becoming apparent that women are under insured in Ireland.

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