Investment Sustainability Factors

Ken Roche Financial Services when providing advice, considers the adverse impact of investment decisions on sustainability. As part of our research and assessment of products, we will examine the product providers literature to compare financial products and make informed investment decisions about ESG products. We will at all times act in the clients best interests and keep clients informed accordingly. The consideration of sustainability risks can impact on the returns of financial products.

Claims Breakdown in 2018 is Revealing for Women

75% of Specified Illness claims paid to women were cancer related with Irish Life whilst 81% of Specified Illness claims to Zurich life for women were cancer related.

There’s a worrying trend for younger women as 20% of Specified Illness claims are for women under 40 whilst 35% are for women 51-60 and a further 35% from 41-50.

Cancer is now the Number One cause for claims whether for Specified Serious Illness or death. Irish Life paid out €127.8 million or 41% of claims to policyholders still living last year whilst Zurich Life paid out €23.7 million. Cancer claims are increasing in younger women and 50% of all female cancer claims related to breast cancer.

It is becoming apparent that women are under insured in Ireland.

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One in four Irish workers worries regularly about loss of earnings due to illness or injury

One in four Irish workers worries regularly about loss of earnings due to illness or injury.

Being unable to work and provide for their families due to illness, injury or death is a significant worry for Irish workers. Over a third worry about it at least once a month, while 13% said it was on their minds on a daily basis. Despite this anxiety, we are more likely to insure our pets and our gadgets than we are to insure our ability to earn a living. That’s according to research recently carried out by Red C on behalf of Aviva.

To read the results via Avivas website click here:…/savings-inve…/news/protection-release/

Asked how they would manage in the event of being unable to work due to illness, injury, or death the vast majority (62%) said they would rely on social welfare. Yet half of all respondents had no idea how much they would be entitled to if they were unable to work and only 17% could quote the exact amount of the state disability benefit, which currently stands at €230.31 a week. One in four said they would rely on their savings in the event of ill-health: the survey found that average annual household savings amount to under €6,000.

This is very frightening to read, as it indicates that many people are financially vulnerable and solutions are needed. We all work hard, it would be a shame to see ones life savings and dreams of the future wiped out or postponed for a very long period.

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Get Double From Your Mortgage Life Assurance

Normally when a policy needs to be claimed on, your policy clears off your mortgage and the policy finishes leaving the surviving spouse or partner without life assurance. This creates a huge problem if the survivor cannot qualify for further Life Assurance.

We can now offer a solution whereby the surviving life assured keeps their life assurance and all for the price of one.

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Cost Of Education Survey

Education costs. Savings matter. Save smarter.

Just under half of parents (49%) say they have made no financial preparations to meet the cost of putting their children through third level education.According to Aviva’s Cost of Education research:

  • On average, parents expect to pay out €5,122 a year to send a child to a third level college or university. If the student has to move away from home to go to college, the expected cost is almost double, at €10,125 (that’s over €40,000 for a four year degree per child!).
  • Over a third of families intending to put children through third level education have savings earmarked for this purpose.

The good news is that saving regularly for your child’s education can reduce the financial burden significantly and seeking the proper advice can allow you to start  saving for your child’s 3rd level education whilst seeking the potential of higher, inflation-beating returns.

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Pension Planning – a vital part of your future plans

Pension Planning – a vital part of your future plans

A recent survey from Friends First has indicated that where auto enrolment in an employers scheme was available, many people would join.

At we believe that knowledge is the key as simply having a pension does not guarantee you will get a pension that you want. That’s why good sound advice and the empowerment of knowledge for our clients is so important.
Some facts from the survey, 55% of participants plan to rely on the state pension on retirement, therefore if that is €230.00 per week, how do you bridge the gap between that amount and your current take home pay.

More importantly, what will you have to give up or do without in retirement.

24% of participants have not thought about pension planning.

80% of those with pensions are not confident that the income from their current pension arrangements will provide sufficient income in retirement.

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