Pension Planning – a vital part of your future plans

Pension Planning – a vital part of your future plans

A recent survey from Friends First has indicated that where auto enrolment in an employers scheme was available, many people would join.

At we believe that knowledge is the key as simply having a pension does not guarantee you will get a pension that you want. That’s why good sound advice and the empowerment of knowledge for our clients is so important.
Some facts from the survey, 55% of participants plan to rely on the state pension on retirement, therefore if that is €230.00 per week, how do you bridge the gap between that amount and your current take home pay.

More importantly, what will you have to give up or do without in retirement.

24% of participants have not thought about pension planning.

80% of those with pensions are not confident that the income from their current pension arrangements will provide sufficient income in retirement.

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